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Gerson Therapy Skin Cancer Treatment

People diagnosed with skin cancer face many uncertainties. Topping the list is the choice treatment options available to them. Dedicated and tireless research has opened several new avenues for treating skin cancer, including Gerson therapy.

Following skin cancer diagnosis, the first step to treatment is surgical removal of the tumor. Next, tissue from the tumor will be studied in a laboratory to confirm a diagnosis. Your doctor will determine whether your skin cancer is a melanoma, or one of the other types of the disease. With the final diagnosis in hand, your doctor will then determine the next phase of your treatment.

The most common forms of treatment are chemotherapy and radiation, but other alternatives are becoming more readily available to patients. One such treatment, called Gerson Therapy, offers hope to skin cancer patients looking for an alternative to traditional treatment methods.

The Gerson therapy plan was built on the philosophy that the immune system needs to be boosted to help the patient’s body fight off all types of cancer, including skin cancer. The patient can perform this therapy in his or her home, using materials easily found from a variety of sources including the Internet.

Of course, performing something as crucial as cancer therapy should never be done without first consulting a qualified health care professional. Patients should find a clinic licensed in cancer treatment and begin their treatment plan there. The skin cancer treatment plan will be modified to suit the patient’s individual needs.

In 1945, Dr. Gerson first devised his thoughts on using natural means to boost the body’s immune system, and his theories have certainly stood the test of time. Dr. Gerson’s observations indicated that certain cancers seemed to be worse in cultures where mankind consumed too many prepackaged foods with additives.

He believed that humans should use natural foods to purify the body and boost our ability to fight off cancer. Gerson’s proposed plan included the daily consumption of organically grown fruits and vegetables. He also suggested that patients drink one glass of fresh organically grown juice every hour, for a total of thirteen hours every day.

The patients must eat three vegetarian meals a day, consisting of salad, vegetable soup, cooked vegetables, baked potatoes and juice to drink. Snacks and desserts are encouraged as long as they also consisted of fruits or vegetables.

Dr. Gerson believed that using natural remedies to boost the immune system and to cleanse the body was the only way to properly fight cancer. All patients were instructed to use a combination of potassium compound, Vitamin B12, thyroid hormone, pancreatic enzymes and crude liver extract. They were also instructed to have coffee or chamomile enemas to stimulate bile flow and improve liver function.

These directives would enable the body to expel all toxins. It’s interesting to note that patients of the Gerson philosophy often report a lessening of pain, improved healing and an overall feeling of wellness as a result of taking these enemas.

There are warnings about this treatment plan that must be heeded. A patient undergoing chemotherapy must not use Gerson Therapy skin cancer treatment. Even those who swear by the success of the formula will admit that it’s not for everyone.

Again, this treatment must not be used without first consulting your health-care provider. If you suffer from skin cancer, you’re already faced with uncertainties. Find a doctor you trust, and follow his or her advice.

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