Skin Care Tips

Healthy and Radiant Skin Tips

Summer’s here! Time for the beach, swimming and picnicking. But be sure to protect yourself from the elements. Sun exposure, environmental toxins and even air conditioning all take their toll on your skin’s health. Your skin is your body’s barrier against the elements in the outside world, but unfortunately, when those elements attack your skin it can become discolored, appear lifeless and lose elasticity.

Skin health is also compromised by internal factors. Eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day can help your skin retain its youthful glow. The antioxidants in fruit and vegetables work from the inside out to help prevent free-radical damage, which causes skin damage. Additionally, it’s vital to keep your skin well hydrated. Drinking eight 8-oz. glasses of water each day will help your skin stay in great condition. Remember, however, that beverages that contain caffeine and alcohol are no substitute for water.

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Renova vs Retin A

Renova tretinoin cream is the foremost prescription cream which is recognized to lessen fine facial wrinkles connected with chronic sun exposure and the natural aging process, when used as a part of a total skin care and sun protection program. It is to be noted that Renova does not do away with wrinkles, restore sun-damaged skin, overturn photoaging or reinstate a more younger skin. You can experience noticeable smoother and softer skin within the initial 1-2 months of usage. Noticeable reduction in fine wrinkles can witnessed within 3-4 months of usage. Additional benefits should be apparent within five to six months of therapy. You may encounter itching, redness, peeling or dryness due to the fact that Renova is a dermal irritant. Renova is a dermal irritant. Renova is also beneficial in acne treatment.

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Skin Care for Men

Have a look in the mirror (if you dare) and what do you see? A few wrinkles, a few laughter lines that weren’t there yesterday?

Yes, we’re all getting older but that doesn’t mean you have to look old, too, and there’s an easy way to keep your skin looking young and feeling soft.

First, watch what you eat. Go for good, healthy food, mountains of crunchy vegetables, crates of juicy fruits and maybe some vegetarian options, too, but stay away from the processed, ready-made meals, junk food and take-aways that you know are not good for you.

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How to Get Rid of Acne

In simple terms Acne denotes:
• Plugged pores including blackheads and whiteheads
• Lumps including cysts and nodules
• Pimples

Acne can occur irrespective of the age factor ranging from severe acne to mild acne. It can surface on the face, neck, chest back, scalp, legs and even upper arms. If not treated properly it can even cause disfiguring, and scarring. It is only through a continued treatment that you can prevent acne from recurring. On an average it takes 6-8 weeks for an acne treatment to display visible results.

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Sensitive Skin Care

Finding it difficult to tackle with sensitive skin? Sensitive skin care products can help you to resolve your skin-related queries with ease.

Sensitive skin is a fine textured skin which easily reacts to hot and cold, thus causing sunburn or windburn. In short, it is prone and delicate to temperature changes, soaps, cosmetics or any allergen.

In case you possess a sensitive skin; you should take proper care in order to protect it. There are basically two types of sensitive skin: one which is susceptible to breakouts and another which gets irritated.

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Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea acne is a skin condition which constitutes open and closed comedones, nodules, inflammatory papules and pustules. It is identifiable with redness and swelling especially on the face. It is also referred to as adult acne. Rosacea or adult acne usually affects the face; other parts of the upper body are seldom involved.

Some of the most common approaches which are incorporated to prevent Rosacea are to keep your body hydrated with water and application of sunscreen for protection of your skin against harmful UV rays of the sun. This skin condition usually surfaces among adults between the age group of 30-50 years, and is more common among women during menopause phase.

A gamut of reasons can cause Rosacea such as hot and spicy food, heat, strenuous exercises, emotional stress, menopause and many more.

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Eczema Treatment

Eczema refers to the inflamed skin conditions. It is often characterized by dry, red itchy patches on the skin. Eczema can surface on almost any part of the body.

Atopic eczema is the most common form of this condition. It is not a contagious disease, like many other diseases. Though there isn’t a cure yet found for eczema, this condition can be managed by treatment and avoidance of triggers.

Some of the reasons which can trigger eczema are:

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Sunburn Treatment

Scared to move out in the sun because of your skin’s sensitivity towards sun? A few precautions can save the day for you.

Sunburn is basically a skin condition due to over-exposure of UV rays of sun. Sunburn can be a source of premature aging or even skin cancer.

There are three types of sunburns namely first degree burn, second degree burn, and third degree burn. First degree burn consists of redness and pain, second degree burn constitutes redness, pain and water bubbles, and third degree burn has all the previously mentioned symptoms along with white patches of skin.

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Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is a non-contagious, long-term skin disease. There are namely five categories of psoriasis:

• Plaque, which surfaces as raised, red patches or lesions covered with a silvery white buildup of dead skin cells, called scale.
• Guttate, this appears as small red spots on the skin.
• Inverse, which occurs in armpits, groin and skin folds.
• Pustular, which develops as white blisters surrounded by red skin.
• Erythrodermic, which appears as intense redness over large areas.

Though at present there is no cure for psoriasis. Yet, there are few treatments which are devised to lessen the symptoms and signs of Psoriasis such as:

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Irritating Mosquitoes – How to Avoid Them Naturally

Most of you are familiar with mosquitoes and what a menace they are, particularly to good evenings spent outside. Almost everyone has had to battle with mosquitoes some time or the other. Mosquito repellents don’t work or have harmful chemicals. As a result they have lost their use.

The best way to deal with them is to avoid them by figuring out exactly what attracts mosquitoes and what does not. As they say prevention is better than cure. Make sure that you don’t allow mosquitoes to thrive around you.

One of the things that attract mosquitoes is wearing clothing that is dark. This is because these annoying insects are able to visually see dark items better from a distance than they can see lighter objects. When you’re in an area where there are sure to be mosquitoes try to wear light colored clothing.

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